Vivid Motion’s Board of Directors handles the nuts and bolts of our non-profit company, so everyone else can let their creativity shine. The Board makes sure we maintain our 501-c-3 status; chooses the Artistic and Executive Directors (who run the day-to day operations); provides financial oversight and fundraises so people can keep dancing; and organizes community building and volunteer appreciation events, so our people can keep connecting.

Vivid Motion's Board of Directors


IAIN ODLIN, President



john larson III, TREASURER


Emma Black & White





In addition to our officers, the Vivid Motion Board has a group of hard working people who help keep our organization going. Current members include:

Bridget Domareki, Andrea Dudley, Ellen Joyce Rathbone, Jennifer Maher, Gerry Shannon, and Emily Zack.


Want to join the Board? Send a letter of intent to and they’ll tell you what to do next.  

Board positions are elected for a 2 year term each April.  There aren’t term limits; instead current members must be re-elected every 2 years.  

If you’re not ready for the 2 year commitment of being a board member you can join a committee.  The Social Media and Visibility Committees work in conjunction with the Board to promote Vivid Motion and all the wonderful things we do.