Portland's Innovative & Kind of Quirky Dance Community

Nutcracker Burlesque
Show dates Dec. 12-20
7:30 PM
St. Lawrence Arts Center
Munjoy Hill
Tickets go on sale Black Friday

  • Eclipse Cast Photo
    The strange cast of characters in Eclipse
  • Jeans Dance
    Fancy Pants
  • Hollywood Dreams Cast Photo
    Hollywood has Dreams, Vivid Motion has Friends
  • Big Leap in Dance
  • Micheal Jackson Pose
    It's a Micheal Jackson Christmas
  • Choices Cast Photo
    We're glad you chose to join us (Choices)
  • Reed Flutes at the Ready
    Ready to rock sexy
  • Three Dancers in Silhouette
    I love silhouette scenes!
  • King Aurthor Cast Photo
    King Author's marry band of ...

Company Meetings are the last Monday of each month.

The next meeting will be Monday, September 29th.

Company classes will begin again on Monday, August 25th.
Classes are beginner jazz from 6:45 - 7:45
and intermediate/advanced jazz 7:45 - 8:45.
Classes are held at Drouin Dance Center in Westbrook.

Vivid Motion Inc. is a 501-c-(3) non-profit organization started by local dancers in Portland ME who wanted to perform and share their love of dance with the community.