Odyssey, 2007

Odyssey, 2007

Vivid Motion, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit dance company formed in Portland, Maine in October 2003.

Local dancers who wanted to perform and share their love of dance with the community started Vivid Motion. Dance is often seen as artsy or boring, with deep meanings and a secret language. Vivid Motion believes that dance can be entertaining to watch, as well as to do. Our performances are filled with dances intended to entertain. And, if a little meaning seeps through, that's ok, too! 

WE ARE COMMITTED to making dance accessible and enjoyable for people who may have little or no prior interest in dance.

WE STRIVE to allow dancers of all ages and abilities to express their creative potential.

WE HOPE to make dance enjoyable for audiences to watch, and accessible for dancers to perform. We hope to take the secret language out of dance (or occasionally make fun of it) and have a good time doing it.

WE NEED sponsorship in the form of a larger studio space for classes and rehearsals, volunteers, and good old-fashioned cash to help with all the costs of production.

WE WILL CONTINUE offering pay-what-you-can dance classes and producing dance shows both large and small.