The Audition Process

Vivid Motion auditions are held in class format, which includes a short warmup, dance combinations, and acting exercises. We know auditions can be stressful, but no formal dance training is required to try out for Vivid Motion shows.  Even the most trained dancers struggle through combinations sometimes. A positive attitude and willingness to try count for a lot. Just try your best to relax and have FUN!



Upcoming Auditions



Saturday Sept. 8th from 10am to noon
Drouin Dance Center, 90 Bridge St. Westbrook

Auditions are held in a class format. Please wear dance attire or clothing you can move in. Ballet, Jazz, or other soft soled shoes, socks, or bare feet are fine. Burlesque attire is not needed for auditions.
You must be 18 to audition.

Please arrive early to sign in and fill out an audition form. You can also print one and fill it out at home. 

Rehearsals are 9:30am - 2pm on weekends starting 9/15.  There are no rehearsals Oct. 6-7 or Nov. 24-25. 
Tech is each night 12/10 to 12/13 from 6pm - 10pm. 
Shows are 12/14-12/22 with a dark night 12/17.