The Audition Process

Vivid Motion auditions are held in class format, which includes a short warmup, dance combinations, and acting exercises. We know auditions can be stressful- but no formal dance training is required to try out for Vivid Motion shows, and even the most trained dancers struggle through combinations sometimes. A positive attitude and willingness to try count for a lot. Just try your best to relax and have FUN!




Thank you to everyone who auditioned!




              Vivid Motion's 2018 Summer Company



Abigail Tompkins * 

Ali Berry * 

Amy Cookson

Aria Pines * 

Beth Alexander * 

Charity Hirst

Egypt Pooler * 

Emily Zack * 

Emma Tompkins

Gerry Shannon * 

Jen Braziel * 

Jennifer Maher

Jessica Means * 

Jim Sloan * 

John Larson * 

Kat Masters

Katrina Christie * 

Lilia Hirst * 

Lisa Jade * 

Lou Anne Viola * 

Lucinda Viola * 

Marina Villeneuve

Michelle Kapschull * 

MJ Emerson * 

Noah Craig

Phoebe Jordan * 

Rachel Stein * 

Saoirse Farrell

Sebastian Roesner * 

Stephanie Lalonde

Tina Goodman * 

Trevor Bean * 

Venus Murphy

Victoria Broshes * 

Violet Guido * 

Wendy Getchell

Will Ballou