DECEMBER 14-22, 2018 

Nutcracker Burlesque turns 16! So before we emancipate ourselves and start a new holiday tradition next year, we invite you to join us with the story that began it all. That’s right! This year we reprise the original Nutcracker Burlesque tale. Clara and her boyfriend Hans are attending their office holiday party at a local bar. Unfortunately for Hans, this happens to be the bar where his fling on the side works. Can Hans keep up the juggling act, or will his ruse crash and burn? Will Clara’s friend convince her to dump the two-timer and meet Drosselmeyer? Can Drosselmeyer use his magic to open Clara’s eyes? Only time will tell.

Fri. - Sun. December 14th - 16th, 7:30pm
Tues. - Sat. December 18th - 22nd, 7:30pm

At St. Lawrence Arts, 76 Congress St., Portland
Tickets: $20 (adults only)
available now

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Sponsored by: Shipyard Brewing Company, Gorham Self Storage, Yelp of Maine, and Piper Ledge Adjusting and Appraisal.

Nothing but coal in your bank account this Christmas season?

Thursday, 12/13 @ 7:30, Vivid Motion is opening the final dress rehearsal of this year's Nutcracker Burlesque as a pay-what-you-can night for those of us that are yearning for some holiday booty shakin', but are on a tight budget.

There are no tickets for this event, and it will be first come first served. Doors close at 7:30, so make sure to arrive early if you want to get your halls decked and your sleigh bells jingled the way only Vivid Motion knows how.


AUGUST 3-5, 2018 

Vivid Motion's summer show is an eclectic compilation of pieces spotlighting myths, characteristics, stories, and memories inspired by astrology and astronomy.  Featuring new works from a zodiac of choreographers, MZs directorial debut invites audiences to join VivMo in contemplating the stars through dance..

  • Friday August 3rd, 7:30pm

  • Saturday August 4th, 7:30 p.m.

  • Sunday August 5th, 5;30pm

At St. Lawrence Arts, 76 Congress Street, Portland
Tickets: $15 adults / $7 kids under 13 available at

Sponsored by: St. Lawrence Arts, Gorham Self Storage, Yelp of Maine, and Piper Ledge Adjusting & Appraisals 

FINAL SP18 Square.png


MAY 4-13, 2018 We're opening our 2018 season with Sleeping Beauty! Born in 1940, Aurora comes of age in the 50s and falls under a curse to awaken in modern times. Using jazz, be-bop, and music from today with dance styles to match, this is a classic done VivMo style.

Fri. May 4, 7:30pm
Sat. May 5, 7:30pm
Sun. May 6, 2:30pm

Fri. May 11,  7:30pm
Sat. May 12, 2:30pm AND 7:30pm
Sun. May 13, 2:30pm (Happy Mother’s Day!)

At St. Lawrence Arts, 76 Congress St., Portland ME.
$15 for adults / $7 for kids under 13. 

Sponsored by: Fournier’s Karate, Gorham Self Storage, Yelp of Maine, and Tamika Donahue of Residential Mortgage Services